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1.1 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics: The branch of physics which deals with mechanics (statics and dynamics) of fluids and the forces on them. Where, fluids include liquids, gases, and plasmas. Fluid mechanics can be divided into two disciplines: Fluid statics: The mechanics of fluids at rest under action of forces. Fluid dynamics: The mechanics of the effect of forces on fluid in motion. 1.2 Fluid Mechanics and society: 1.2.1 Sports: Fluid mechanics has a number of applications in sports, including football, cricket, tennis etc. The motion of a ball in air can be briefly studied and modified in much easier…show more content…
(Fig 1.2.5) The lowering pressure on upper side of wing and higher pressure on lower side of wing all we study in fluid mechanics. 1.2.6 Fire Brigade: The fire brigade is a major life saving department, it has wide applications of fluid mechanics. (Fig 1.2.6) 1.2.7 Medical Applications: There are many fluids relating study in biology and need of Understanding their behavior in motion to make effective medicines. The heart pumps contain a fluid in form of blood, throughout a number of tubes in the body. Circulation can be acknowledged through fluid dynamics study. 1.3 Applications of Fluid Mechanics in Modern Industry: 1.3.1 Aileron: It is a high flight controlling surface which is usually formed the parts of the tracking edge of every wing of an unmovable-wing aircraft. Fig 1.3.1 Ailerons are commonly used in group of two to regulate the aircraft in movement around the aircraft longitudinal axis, which normally changes in path of flight due to the tilt of the lifting vector. Movement about longitudinal axis is called rolling. 1.3.2…show more content…
(Fig 1.3.4) Boats usually use hydrofoil technology in form of simply termed hydrofoils. As speed is increased, hydrofoils lift the boat's tip out of the water, which decreases the drag and thus allow great speeds. 1.3.5 Keel: The keel which is used in boats and ships, can be referred to be either of two parts: 1. Structural element that usually resembles a fin. 2. Protrudes is at bottom side of boat along the axial line. 1.3.6 Propeller: It is a kind of fan that transport or transmit mechanical power by converting rotational motion into thrust. (Fig 1.3.6) A pressure difference is produced between the forward and back surfaces of the fan wings blade, and a fluid usually air and sometimes air is accelerated on rear side of the blade. Propeller dynamics is an application of Bernoulli's principle. 1.3.7 Pump: A pump is a device that moves fluids usually water and sometimes slurry materials, by mechanical force’s action. (Fig 1.3.7) 1.3.8

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