Cause Of Child Marriage

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Marriage as something that is mandatory still becomes a major belief in various countries. However, the trajectory towards a commitment should be preserved under the continuous respect to human rights, especially on avoiding any form of restricted liberty. Conventional family’s pressure should be avoided as much as possible, although the degree might differ from one to another. In a common situation, rebellion against arranged marriages could produce bitter consequences for the child. Parents are usually angered and choose to disconnect themselves from the children. In adult, the consequences might result in reduced contact with family member or absolute cut of parental support, be it financially or emotionally. However, if it is happened…show more content…
In many parts of the world, parents still believe that by marrying their children, they will not have to bear a lot of economic responsibilities anymore. Especially at places where it is a custom for the women’s family to pay dowry to the groom and the younger the child is, the lower the price of the dowry. Thus, the parents believe that if they opt to minimalize the expenditure, they can choose to marry their daughters early. However, once they marry their daughters at a young age this usually ends up in the end of the child’s education, as they would have to divide their time doing household jobs that they may not have the understanding of beforehand. With this situation at hand, girls who are forced to marry early and sacrifice their education would end up with lack of skills thus not being able to provide themselves as well as their family as they do not have the qualifications and the skills to get a proper job. This in return furthers the economic burden instead of restoring the economic condition of the family, which cancels out the argument that marrying the children young could provide them with financial support. Therefore, a way to lessen the number of child marriage is by offering economic support and incentives for girls and their families. Economic factor is one of the greatest contributors of child marriage. The state could give direct or non-direct cash such as subsidies…show more content…
Education is an important key factor to reduce the number of this injudicious practice of forced child marriages. With education, the people that are victims of cultural understanding that may lead them in forcing their children to marry below the age of their mental and physical readiness can produce and evolve their logic behind arranged marriages. It is believed that by educating parents the adults, both parents and others involved in a community, would change the social norms and forge a more supportive, less punitive environment for girls and families who are willing and ready to change the custom of early marriage. Therefore, by educating them through meetings, information campaigns and/or public announcements, people’s view on child marriage can shift. By providing the appropriate education, women will know their rights as individual beings and as a single career seeker, future wife or a mother of a child. It should be a free will of both boys and girls in what age would they want to marry and with whom. As been mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, “Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending

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