Edgar Allan Poe's Life In His Life

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Edgar Allan Poe was an amazing writer who experienced much sadness in his life. Despite all the hardships he faced during his life, he was still one of the best writers who wrote short stories, tales, and poems. He was born on the 19th of January, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts and died on the 7th of October, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland. Poe was a passionate writer who cared deeply for his family. The reasons Poe may have written such depressing literature could be because of his lack of family relationships. He grew up as an orphan and this is considered one of the most important reasons that led him to grief. Writing was the only way that helped him express all the pain and misery he was feeling as times were hard. All these things became…show more content…
Growing up Poe and Allan had a normal relationship “John Allan had promised the family of David Poe to afford Edgar the liberal education he had himself. And in fact the life to which he introduced the child valued intellectual achievement, at least as an outgrowth of practical affairs or as a social ornament. He emphasized that success in business required skill in arithmetic, to pecially the use of correct spelling and grammar and the ability to write a clear, round hand (as he did).” His foster father paved the role for poe to get his great education that he got but Poe ruined this by deciding to make bad decisions such as drinking and gambling. His foster father did not approve of Poe life style. Poe’s conflict with his adoptive father prevented him from writing and gave him grief, which made Poe’s writings morose. Poe’s adoptive father, John Allen, had paid for his education at the beginning of his university studies, especially in the first year, but his relationship with him was very turbulent. Their conflict resulted in him not paying for Poe anymore, especially after Poe began drinking. Confusion and quarrel continued between Poe and his foster father. Allen asked Poe to leave the writing profession and a great hatred began among them. Poe found no way out of his life except in writing, which was his only refuge to relieve his psychological stress and to express what he

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