Child Marriage In Bangladesh Essay

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Child Marriage One would describe an average 10-13 year old as playful, immature, and adventure seeking. They get spend time hanging out with numerous friends at school and so forth; however the sad reality is that thousands of girls in Bangladesh don’t get to experience life as a normal, corky, adolescent, or have the privilege of furthering the education past middle school. Instead, they are most likely awaiting for a potential spouse or preparing a traditional wedding at age 13. According to sources, about 52% of Bangladesh girls are expected to leave their education, family, and friends behind and pursue a marriage (“Girls Not Brides”). This puts teenage girls at higher risks to become victims of abuse, pregnancy complications due to…show more content…
As for the government of Bangladesh stronger laws need to be instilled in order for children to feel protected by the law and express their rights. On the contrary, laws have already been established and by law girls are not allowed to marry until they’re 18 years old. With that being said it’s unrealistic that even setting stronger laws there will be less child brides, some citizens of Bangladesh take it upon themselves to alter the birth certificates to make them old enough to wed, so it’s likely possible that it will continued to be ignored and stepped over, having no effect on the community. However, “there is a new provision in the act which would allow child marriage to take part under “special circumstances” –with parental consent…The consent or permission from the child…is not required..”(Guha). Even by having these “laws” they have managed to contradict the true meaning of creating acts against child marriage. Government needs to create new acts that requires the consent of the child and doesn’t require the consent of the parent, the reason being is that parents are forcing their daughters to marry men that have no idea about. It is important that laws also protect the child, it should allow them to feel a sense of relief and

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