Argumentative Essay Against Same Sex Marriage

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Same-sex marriage and marriage equality have raised a lot of controversy in the last couple of decades, and homosexuality has become a social reality. However, same-sex marriage is not globally legalized, and homosexual people in some places of the world are discriminated and unaccepted. After extensive research done through several online journals and articles, it has been revealed that same-sex marriages should be legalized internationally since it has been proven that it promotes diversity, acceptance, equality and peace in the society. Moreover, studies showed that the well-being of same-sex couple’s children is not affected regarding schooling, mental and psychological health. In addition to diminishing major social problems including…show more content…
It’s your wedding day and you’re counting the minutes till you can say “I do” to the person that you love and wish to spend the rest of your life with. Unfortunately, this life-long dream is not attainable for many people because of their sexual orientation and preferences. Homosexual people are genetically born homosexual. Homosexuality is not a choice, nor a preference, nor a mental or psychological disorder as believed. It is defined by Anthony Kennedy as a personal characteristic found in the genes of homosexual individuals, and is essential for their self-acceptance and definition in the society, and their normal progress in life (Goetting , 2013). Marriage is a basic constitutional right that comes with several benefits including inheritance, insurance status, immigration rights, visitation rights in health care and burial, and shared custody for their children (Rosenfeld, 2010). Hence denying people from these rights will demean them and insult their dignity. Although some consider this behavior sinful, we should accept homosexual individuals and legalize their marriage because homosexuality has become a social reality and has helped in diminishing social problems especially when it comes to adoption, abortion, and homosexual teenage

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