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Canadian Health Care Provincial Health Insurance Canada's health care system consists of health insurance plans that provide coverage to all Canadian citizens. It is publicly funded and administered on a provincial basis, within guidelines and regulations set by the federal government. All citizens qualify for healthcare regardless of personal income and standard of living. Individual citizens are given preventative care and medical treatments from primary care physicians as well as access to hospitals, dental surgery and additional medical services when needed. There are five main principles in the Canada Health Act: Public Administration: All administration of provincial health insurance must be carried out by a public authority on a non-profit…show more content…
Accessibility: All insured persons have reasonable access to health care facilities. In addition, all physicians, hospitals, etc, must be provided reasonable compensation for the services they provide Health insurance in Canada is handled individually by provinces and territories. Some provinces (British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario) require health care premiums for services. Under the Canada Health Act, health services cannot be denied because you are financially unable to pay for the premium. Provinces usually provide additional services that aren’t included in the standard health coverage stated in the Canadian Health Act. These can include physiotherapy, dental coverage, and prescription medicines. Provinces do not have to provide services that are not listed in the Canada Health Act. Private Health…show more content…
Primary care physicians, or family doctors, are the biggest part of Canadian health care, they account for around half of all physicians. They provide basic medical treatments and preventative care. Specialists are used for services outside the normal practice of primary care physicians. Usually, an individual's physician will refer them to specialists as needed. One disadvantage of the services being available to everyone is wait times for some services can be anywhere from a month to over a year. Private Clinics Many private clinics offering specialized services also operate in Canada. Private clinics are not legally allowed to provide services covered by the Canada Health Act. The advantage of going to a private clinic is that they usually offer services with shorter wait times compared to the public health care system. Health Care Funding Health care in Canada is funded at both the provincial and federal governments. The funding for health care is provided by the taxation both from personal and corporate income taxes. Other funds from financial sources like sales tax and lottery proceeds are also used by some provinces. Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario also charge health premiums to help health funding, but these premiums are not required for health coverage as stated in the Canada Health Act. France

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