Benefits Of Universal Healthcare

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Universal Healthcare or universal coverage is a specific type of healthcare system where everyone is provided coverage. It does not take into account of their race, income, age, gender, pre-existing conditions, or wealth. In short, if you are a legal resident of the region that is being covered, i.e South Korea, you are eligible for universal healthcare. The purpose of universal healthcare is to provide all citizens with the opportunity to obtain the health care that they may need without having to worry about financial hardships. Currently the cost associated with privatized health cares is really expensive. Private companies are able to set their own cost for insurance premiums on medical tests and other services in order to make a profit.…show more content…
Universal healthcare can increase the profitability of hospitals by making sure that all who cannot pay will be covered. Korea’s healthcare system provides a comprehensive cover; it includes health check-ups, tests and diagnosis, treatments, surgeries, preventive care, hospitalisation, nursing, rehabilitation and transportation³. Administrative health care costs will also be decreased in a single payer system since all of the same rules apply to each individual’s coverage. All of the billing, health insurance payouts and collection of health insurance fees will be accomplished by one single company. Doctors and other healthcare professionals can then focus on treating the patient instead of worrying about insurance procedures, access paperwork and malpractice liability. People would be encouraged to seek preventative care and get medical help early on when treatment is not as aggressive. Currently many individuals skip out on preventative care to save the cost of treatment. People who have pre-existing conditions will also be allowed to seek coverage under universal

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