Personal Statement: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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A common questions kid gets asked is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For me, my answer changed many times throughout my time during high school. My freshman year, I remember I wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals, and being around them. My sophomore year, I wanted to be a cosmetologist because I loved doing my friends hair just for fun. My junior year, I wanted to be a psychologist because I am very good at giving advice and listening to someone that needs help. However, within my junior year, I came to a conclusion. I like helping people in any way I can, I like interacting with people, and I am very good with computers. I then thought about becoming a nurse, but I did not want to deal with blood in any way, so I came to a conclusion on working as a medical office assistant. A medical office assistant involves working in a medical office and clinics under supervision of nurses or doctors. I would be the lady at the front desk at a hospital, health clinic, or even dentist office. I would be greeting the patients that came in, and keeping track of all the paper work of the patients, and setting appointments. Medical assisting is trained on electronic health record…show more content…
Some disadvantages to the job are the job training costs. Time and efforts needs to be considered when choosing the right career. A medical assistant wanting to earn the highest wages, must become a certified and licensed to practice as a medical assistant. Job stress is a big disadvantage to a medical assistant’s job. A medical assistant has to deal with patients, especially children, who may be critically ill or gravely injured. It could become overwhelming quick. Also, it could be stressful handling all the paper work in the office because of how much paper work that has to be taken care

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