Focus Group Advantages And Disadvantages

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Qualitative Approach The present study adopts the qualitative research method in demystifying the HIV/AIDS epidemic amongst Zulu students in University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College. Qualitative research methodology is employed in this research because due to the fact that the objective is to obtain information about a specific social phenomenon (Neuman, 2011). Some Qualitative researches seek to understand the causes of certain social phenomenon (ibid). Consequently, the findings should provide information on the reasons why many of the Zulu living in rural area seek primary medical care from the traditional health practitioner. It was significant to analyze the perception of these two groups of individuals to understand their existing…show more content…
Hence, the advantages of the focus group is to acquire various feedback on different questions related to the study. It’s also allows facilitators to ask for more explanations from participants allowing for additional feedback to be brought on the different questions. On the other hand, the disadvantages of focus group is that sometimes its allows participants to provide social desirable information, Participants can be discouraged or not wanting to open up if other participants are most confident and comfortable to express their own opinions. Participants experienced feeling uncomfortable at first, since they do not know each…show more content…
Being the best university and situated in urban areas of KwaZulu-Natal, this institution has students who are both from rural as well as urban areas of KwaZulu¬-Natal. These students must necessarily come from KwaZulu-Natal seen as a research setting that a researcher is working on. The focus group for this study comprised of five (12) students would accumulate data to analyze at later stage because of lack of enough existent data based on modern perceptions of HIV from Zulu people. Focus group would compile qualitative (views, perceptions) data necessary for this research. The objective here is to compare and contrast the views or perceptions between males and females from KZN Howard College and these qualitative data would serve for data analysis and interpretation of the results. Because students at UKZN have been taught to think critically, their responses would probably be objective. Furthermore, another criteria is that the selected students must have been raised in KZN and have experienced some sort of the Zulu cultural rituals. Focus group discussions are well known to generate insightful responses from participants (cf Neuman, 2011). Thus a researcher is expecting to different

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