General Academic Curriculum

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K to 12 program is the 12 years basic education the students need to complete. This program allows children to develop skills and learn more by assuring that children attend kindergarten for the reason that children who attended kindergarten is more capable of having completion rights than those who never got the chance to experience being a kindergarten, whereas, the brain of a child grows in some way of 60 to 70 percent of adult size. In this level, students learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, and colors through games and other activities. Subjects are taught from the most manageable apprehension to incomprehensible concepts through grade levels in spiral progression. Senior High School is two years of specially designed upper secondary education.…show more content…
The purpose of General Academic Strand (GAS) is to train the students in new skills who are more inclined to general areas of study rather than specialized fields. General Academic Strand will put forward the possible choices for students to take their electives from specialized subjects of any other strands. These students who are undecided that will be taking the General Academic Strand will take the General Academic specialized subjects: Humanities 1 and 2; Social Science; Applied Economics; Organization and Management; Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction; Elective 1 and 2; Work immersion/Research/Career/Advocacy/Culminating Activity. The two Humanities subjects could be any two specialized subjects from Humanities and Social Science strand (HUMSS). The Social Science subject could be any of the following: Philippine politics and governance; Community engagement, solidarity, and citizenship; discipline and ideas in the Social Sciences; disciplines and ideas in the Applied Social Science. The specialized subjects of other tracks or strand can be taken to be the electives of the General Academic Strand, with the understanding that each school offers more than two options. The subject from the General Education Curriculum (GEC) is similar, yet not identical, to the subject Applied…show more content…
Because of the borrowed subjects, they will be able to find out what skills they have, what interests them, and if their ability and knowledge to do a certain thing about their interests is sufficient enough. With these subjects, students will establish knowledge acceptable for them to be hirable. Without a doubt, students who opt for taking the General Academic Strand will still need to learn more in consideration of being minimally prepared to enter the higher education compared to those who took specialized strands. They will still have problems qualifying in certain majors. The students from the General Academic Strand didn’t have the proper introductory subjects from the other strand that might help them in college. They will have complication catching up with the students that received the appropriate introductory subjects in Senior High School and are, for this reason, prepared to be engaged head-on in various majors in college. That situation is not that different from what is happening now. There are still students who transfer from one course to another, sometimes were for flimsy reasons while sometimes for major reasons. That is why the General Academic Strand (GAS) was made, it is to help, as much as it can, those immature students who are still unprepared to move forward to the adult

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