Essay On Curriculum Theory

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Applying a Curriculum Theory to Teaching or Education Name Institution Applying a Curriculum Theory to Teaching or Education Reflection Pinar (2013) states that education curricula have undergone transformation and reshaping with the contribution of curriculum theory and other academic disciplines. The theory focuses on the learning process of one individual student and how the student can apply the leant classroom work in the practical field and benefits his future. Curriculum theory borrows from sociological, educational, psychological and philosophical disciplines. According to the theorist James MacDonald, there is a central concern that drives every theory and that is identification of its fundamental units for constructing a conceptual systems (Pinar, 2013). The fundamental unit of curriculum theory is founded on values. The curriculum…show more content…
The student must thus be allowed to fully participate in the decision making process of all matters pertaining the learning process given that it impacts directly on his life (Pinar, 2013). The curriculum theory is an emergent teaching and educational processes that puts the learner at the centre of education as the key beneficiary to the system. Curriculum theory enables a student to understand the course content and its symbolic representations. The theory was first heard in 1828 following the Yale Report that promoted Greek and Latin Memorization (Pinar, 2013). This paper will be focused on how the learners can be involved in curriculum development, how the students can participate in assessments, the instruction strategies adopted to include learners in participating in the curriculum. The cross-curriculum integration and application of curriculum theory in practice will also be explored. Involvement of Learners in Curriculum
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