Examples Of Autobiographical Incident

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Autobiographical Incident "I dont want to do this!" I told my friend. "C'mon it will be fun!" My palms were sweaty and my legs shaky as I stepped into the stopped cart and braced myself for the wild ride. It was my thirteenth birthday and I decided I wanted to go to Disneyland. My dad and my bestfriend were with me on that day. All my life, I have been scared with rollercoasters. They were like mechanical monsters. The looming towers the stomach suspensing drops and tjhe terrifying countdowns never appealed to me. I had never even realized there was a rollercoaster at disneyland. I thought it would just be all "story rides" aka the ones I like. My good friend Sarah however, loves rollercoasters and anything generally thrilling unliike me. After a few rides we decided…show more content…
My saftely harness didn't seem all that protective which freaked me out more. The technician assesed our harnesses and gave trhe engineer who was handiling the cart a thumbs up. I closed my eyes shut and gave a silent prayer. The rollercoaster launched into a moving dock. I heard a booming voice and a countdown. "5...4...3...2...1...Go!" At 55 miles per hour the coaster flew and raced down and up the track. My stomach was dropping a lifting and I held my breath the entire time. A few choice words came out of my mouth when we went into the loop It was like something was holding you upside down susupended for an amount of time. I knew at that moment, I hated rollercoasters. With a burning passion. When the ride pulled into the loading bay I felt out of breath. I climbed out of my cart with shaky legs and a dizzy head. I had done it. I had rode the rollercoaster and survived! Sarah loved it and seemed perfectly fine. In fact, she wanted to go again. I was agaisnt that idea whole heartedly. In the end, I learned that if you don't want to do something, don't do it! Trust your gut feeling and sometimes fears just can't be

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