Plant Breeding In Agriculture

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Plant breeding started with agriculture particularly the domestication of the agriculture plants, a practice which is estimated to date back 9,000 to 11,000 years. Initially, early human farmers selected food plants with particular desirable characteristics and used these as a seed source for subsequent generations, resulting in an accumulation of characteristics over time. Farmer crops are cultivated for grain, forage, fiber, oil and other products that have commercial importance. The yield and the excellent market value with increased nutrition is the direct concern to the farmer. Within the environment better and good quality plants may result from the improvement in heredity of the crop. Hereditary improvements in crop varieties can be…show more content…
Plant breeding starts with a time when earlier man learned to select plant with better qualities; thus selection is the oldest method of plant breeding of choosing superior plants. Humans did great efforts to select plants did much great efforts to the course of development of the cultivated crops. As man’s knowledge about plants increases he was able to select plants efficiently. The art in plant breeding lies in the ability of plant breeder to observe plant differences which may have economic value. Many plant breeders were good observers, quick to recognize between plants of the same species variation that could be the basis of establishing new varieties. Plant breeder should must know about all filed of agriculture related to breeding. he must conduct an experiment if want to know about additional information about the inheritance of a plant character with which he is working or about a technique for measuring the resistance of plants to some environmental conditions. Earlier plant breeders find difficulties in plant breeding. It is known that early date palm was artificially pollinates in 700 B.C by Assyrians and Babylonians. In the same way American Indian also did experiments on corn plant. However, the sex in plants was not studied yet and first plant hybrid was made by Thomas. In the same way systematic studies on artificial hybridization were carried…show more content…
Scientist use molecular markers that are located near the DNA sequence are short nucleotide sequences. Such marker developed genetic linkage with the genes located on the same chromosomes that encode specific and desired trait of the plant. This type of study is basically important in introgression of genes like bacterial blight resistance in rice. Over the last 30 years the field of agriculture biotechnology has developed due to understanding of DNA. Genetic engineering is one of the modern tools that are based on the recombinant technology. There are many other techniques like gene cloning, production of genetically modified crops through application of genetic engineering and PCR based techniques for the production of new plant varieties that are resistant to diseases attack, higher in yield and better in quality. Plant breeding is developing day by day through modern and conventional breeding techniques. Researchers are doing great efforts to make the nutritious food for daily consumption. As the evolution in plant breeding continue from many year and till it’s going on being developed day by

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