Fiat 500 Cars Advert Analysis

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Product: Fiat 500 Car Publication: Glamour magazine Issue: March 2017 page: 139 This advertisement is part of a campaign featured in glamour magazine called the glamour beauty festival. The festival is sponsored by car manufacturer Fiat. This advertisement is for a fiat car and appears on the pages following skin care tips and prior to the pages that contain voting for Glamour woman of the year. The advertisement in question is for the fiat 500 car model. Notoriously this car has been aimed at the female market for its compactness and stylish features. The advertisement features a woman aged between 25 and 35, well dressed standing adjacent to the vehicle. The young woman is drinking from an old-fashioned, glass bottle of milk. She holds the bottle in her right…show more content…
One bottle is missing however, and this we can assume, is the bottle in which the model is holding. The floor in which both the car and the model are placed, is grey in colour. This is to show contrast between the bright colour of the car and the dull background. The colour of the car in the advertisement is a mint / pastel green and the female is also wearing a dress this colour. Using these spring colours ties in with the seasonal theme of the magazine in which the advertisement features. In the top right hand corner of the advertisements reads a message printed on a foil milk bottle lid. It reads “Freshionistas, you’re going to love the unquenchable spirit that’s all bottled up in the Fiat 500. This pint-sized peak of chic offers you 13 top colours to choose from and precisely a gazillion ways to make it your own. Milk It!”. The language used in this suggests a youthful feel to the product being advertised. The play on words such as fashionistas (freshionistas) and unquestionable (unquenchable) appeals to the youthful audience in which this advertisement is aimed

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