Gender Roles And Equality

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Name 1st April, 2015. Issues of Gender Roles & Equality Oral Summary - The acknowledgement of gender role within a particular culture is usually characterized by the social and behavioral standards suitable for an individual of a particular sex. Personal characteristics, actions and beliefs of an individual are linked with a particular gender in the society distinguishing the roles mainly in two types, males and females. Our democratic institution promotes equal rights for men and women, but fails in translating them into a reality. We still witness gender specific education, higher education only for men, low wages, jobs of poor status, exploitation and impairment in career and professional advancements for females and many such instances…show more content…
The media intervention, social awareness, nuclear family structure and quality education have helped in changing the perspective of the society and has resulted in diminishing the influence of gender roles in shaping gender inequality in the society. To exterminate the existing discrimination, the governmental organizations and private NGOs are expected to address this critical issue from the root level i.e. from elementary schools and individual families, to bring equal rights for both the genders in future. The positive outcomes cited in the form of growing number of independent single parents, both parents equally sharing child’s responsibility, opportunity of higher education, fair wages and higher status jobs at workplaces for both genders, improvement in communication styles and fluency, and an increasing contribution of women in politics establish a correct direction in which our society is progressing to achieve gender equality in all the sectors of…show more content…
1. Do you think that the accusations on gender roles are exaggerated while addressing gender inequality in our society especially at the workplace considering the other important determinants such as personal choices, geographical dissimilarities and ego conflicts? 2. How would you rate the response of governmental as well as private organizations to this issue of gender roles and equality? What approach of these organizations, at an individual level or at collective level, is the best in the present times? 3. What is the current setting of gender roles and equality in your community? Would you like to see change in it? How would you personally contribute in establishing gender equality in your

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