The Importance Of Gender Equality

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Gender equality is the term used to describe all individuals, despite their gender, being granted equal opportunities within all regions in society’s structure. For gender equality to be achieved, society must value and understand the role of males and females identically. Based on history, men are shown to have a more predominant role in the world, with women experiencing unequal treatment in the workforce and civil rights restrictions. In the past, countries that have taken the initiative to close the gap between genders in regards to a women’s education, job employment, and health, notice a positive and beneficial outcome in women’s economic/political participation. (World Bank) These actions were conducted by developed countries such…show more content…
According to a Pew Research Center Survey, approximately every 4 out of 10 people surveyed claimed one of the main reasonings behind women not pertaining to more higher level, executive positions in the workforce is because of the superior standards society sets on females (Pew Research, 2015). The underrepresentation of women as head of large businesses and politics in America, exhibits the clear obstacles the progress of achieving complete gender equality faces (Global Gender Gap Index, 2015). Although the US has government has set laws to grant women the right to vote and US corporations have raised the rate of women’s employment, it’s all meaningless if society is unwilling to extinguish the belief men are superior to women as a result of uneven expectations and companies refusing to elevate women within their…show more content…
This is because while I believed it was absolutely important for gender equality to dominate and women be granted their corresponding privileges, I was unaware of the direct correlation it might have on the economy. In the midst of the research process, I began realizing the cause and effect relationship gender equality has with the economy. As all the evidence gathered was summarized and evaluated, I concluded in the position that addressing this topic as a global issue will undeniably have an affect on the economy; whether it’s monumental or

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