Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied Analysis

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JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED BUT IS JUSTICE HURRIED IS JUSTICE BURIED? The two judicial phrases written above are in contradiction to each other but when they are brought to strict interpretation they highlight out the infirmities present in the legal system of our country. If we follow the first phrase ‘Justice Delayed is Justice Denied’ we will ensure speedy trial and quick relief delivery to the victim in a case, the other phrase ‘Justice Hurried is Justice Buried’ when followed will make the judicial system to do things which ensure that every corner of the case has been looked into so that a decision is taken in the best spirit of equity, justice and good consciousness as we all know and expect from the judiciary. A lot is expected…show more content…
There, are many factors which makes this phrase a truth these are, (i) Strength of Judges are inadequate as per the number of cases, (ii) the infrastructure is poor, (iii) the incompetency of other staff in the courts, (iv) delay done by the investigative agencies, (v) corrupt practices going on in the courts. If these points of backwardness are not being addressed properly there will be many short comes which will be faced by the system in the near future and they will be add-ons in the already existing problems of the judicial…show more content…
Commissioner of Consolidation & Ors. [76 (1993) CLT 161] we can see the usage of this phrase. Therefore, it is the duty of the judiciary to look into every matter in a manner which establishes and satisfies all the aspects of the applicable laws avoiding setting up of a bad precedent. This phrase is a catch for judiciary and also ensures that the main objective which is ‘hundreds of guilty should be left but not one innocent should be sentenced’ and therefore, following this phrase is the best what the judiciary can do to achieve its

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