Gender Equality In Taiwan

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Summary: In Kaohsiung, Taiwan, taught nine year old about sex education and gender equality. However, throughout the entire island, there are those who are not happy that it is being taught to nine year old due to the topic being inappropriate for their age. The teacher who taught this subject, Yu-hao Liu, wrote letters to his the parents of the students notifying them ahead of time that he will be teaching this subject in class. The parents allowed their children to learn about this topic because it would be hard to bring up this topic when their children grows older. Lui believes that those who disagrees with him on teaching those topics in class were those who also disagree with the gay rights movement in Taiwan. The citizens of Taiwan seems…show more content…
Over decades, Taiwanese opposes same sex marriage and gender equality. Social class plays within the Taiwanese culture by their race and gender. Such as men would be the providing for the family while the woman is a housewife, this is why it is believed that between a marriage is only a man and a woman. Children also learn gender roles at a young age from their parents as well. Based on the article provided, “The critics have two main arguments: The lessons are not age-appropriate, and they focus too much on sex and same-sex relationship”. On the other hand, the Gender Equity Education Act wants to introduce gender equality topics to students to aware them, to respect those who aren’t their gender. This can also be known as gender identity as the class’s text have stated, “The concept gender identity refers to the degree to which we see ourselves as feminine, masculine, tansexual - or perhaps even nongender and having no gender at all”, (56). Males and females are labeled which gender they are at birth but may not identify themselves as masculine or feminine based on their gender. It is also known as gender expectations, concluded in the class’s text, “to describe societal attitudes and behaviors expected of and associated with an individual’s anatomical sex assigned at birth” (56). If it was male, it is expected to be masculine while a female is expected to be feminine. However, later in life, they may not identify…show more content…
Based on my knowledge and experience, Asian race are the kinds that disagree with same sex marriage and gender equality within the family. Marrying the same gender will bring a disgrace to the family and therefore is unacceptable. Males are head of the household and makes every decision; teaching gender equality will teach children that both gender have equal rights instead of males having more power than females in the household. Each person can not choose which gender they want to be when they are born, that wasn’t their right to choose. Those who are males have a harder time than females who doesn’t identify themselves feminine or masculine based on their gender. Males who are Asian plays an important role in their society. They are the ones to continue their family lineage while women can not carry it on. I believe that those who oppose the gay rights movement in Taiwan are religious groups believing that marriage is between a man and a woman, not wanting to break that concept within the culture. As for those who supported the gay rights movement, I believe those are who knows someone that belongs in the LGBTQ community and knows the difficulties that they face when gay marriage was illegal in Taiwan.With the legalize of same sex marriage, the LGBTQ will now live in peace marrying who they love and express who they identify themselves

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