Gender Inequality Research Paper

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(I) Understanding Gender in brief What is Gender? Generally we define gender into two types’ i.e. male and females. We classify this either on the basis of biological factor or by looking at the appearance of a person whether they are male or female. While understanding gender we always use the biological fact or let’s say we give preference to the biological fact at the first and people’s individual place and their lives in the society is defined by that social and cultural construct which is based on their biology itself. Therefore, there is a distinction which is to deny the concept that biology is none other than a destiny whether a person takes birth as male or females. It is more than a division whereas it is a continuum. Gender…show more content…
Sex is related to gender which classifies men and women into two groups which encourage the gender inequality but the fact which should be known is there are no such difference in men and women in terms of their rights, freedom, and equality the only one difference which they have is in their reproductive function besides than this there is no such biological difference between male and…show more content…
Basically, in a simple term we can understand gender violence as violence against men or women. In general sense we understand gender violence as a cultural, social, and a psychological violence against women but there are some cases where men are also a victim of gender violence. In a patriarchal society social, cultural and political power are not only used to control women but also used to abuse women than it is known as gender violence. “Chhapuadi Pratha, Witches Practices, Menstruation, Untouchability” against gender is the examples of (cultural violence) which come under the gender violence itself where women are the one who suffer as compared to men. Unless and until the Patriarchy vs. equality system prevails in the society the gender inequality system will not changed which in a way supports gender violence in regard to addressing female issues. So at first this system should be

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