The Role Of Gender Equality In America

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Gender equality is an important topic in the US; it comes with important policies to bring equality among people, simultaneously propagating and educating the younger generation to change perceptions, thinking of the in society. Gender equality is an important goal not only toward the US, but also the most developed countries around the world, the criteria for evaluating the development of a society. According to the concept of the United Nations, the mean equality of individuals regardless of gender are entitled to the same conditions for the full implementation of human rights, have the opportunity to contribute to the success and enjoyment results of national development in the political, economic, social and cultural. As of 2012, the World…show more content…
From the early years of the last century, Equal Right Amendment (ERA) was proposed to the constitution guarantees equality for women in the functions and tasks. National Association of Women (NOW) was established in 1966 to continue to fight for equal rights for women, but also not achieve the desire. In 1972, parliament approved amendments to the ERA and set a time limit within seven years to have three-quarters of the state legislatures agree, the figure required is 38 of the 50 states. But in the end only 35 states agreed, therefore ERA amendment was rejected. ERA is a political movement within the United States between the tendencies of equal rights; gender equality and women's results show that the US has not really been equality in many areas, though there have been many improvements in the past three decades. However, more recent study in 2011 found that attitudes about gender and social roles changed little since the mid-1990s, with about 60-70 percent of equity. This study suggests that a gender framework "equality but traditional" appears in popular culture in this period when women still have to spend nearly double the time on housework than men, they still have to spend more time on child care and…show more content…
A survey in 2002 showed that the number of respondents in the US, only 70% had heard about the sex change, while 67% agree that a person can be born with a gender, but inside in a different gender. The difficulty to integrate into the community of this object shown by the schools or public spaces, transgender people are often faced with the gender field. They are often forced to produce ID or questions increased scrutiny when using public toilets for sex that they admit and can often be discrimination and violence if their ID is not the main determined, or if they are not acknowledged her sexuality. This led to many transgender implications try to hide their sexuality or transgender to avoid discrimination, while others have delayed the process of their sex change to avoid being classified and particularly sexual abuse. Transgender individuals also face barriers in education, as a transgender woman was denied Smith College is a woman in the state university in which she was living. Additionally, transgender people also face a number of limitations to the base to find appropriate medical care. Themselves face many pressures in life and often have higher rates of suicide attempts than the general

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