White Feminism: The Perception Of Privilege In Our Society

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Privilege often exists in an unspoken world because the general public is sometimes unaware of its existence. This privilege is the experience where some groups of people in society are exceptions to an otherwise powerful and aggressive system of stereotyping which shapes the society expectations of the people being scrutinized. However, despite a certain level of ignorance, little observation is necessary in an individual’s life to witness when privilege is exercised. It can be seen in futile life experience or fundamentally important interactions with others. When I inspect my own daily life, I have encountered when privilege shapes the perception of the world around me. The first look will revolve around feminism; specifically, I’ll be explaining what is called “white feminism,” which deals with the white savior complex, and how this brand of feminism does more harm than good. I will then look at the equally complex issue of…show more content…
Feminism is the philosophy that women deserve equality with that of men, in all forms created in society, and advocates women’s rights. Within the ideology, however, there exists injustice even in a movement that seeks out all gender equality. Donned “white feminism,” this voice is often the one mass media interacts with and highlights the most despite the obvious flaws of it. Writer Hana Shafi explains, in her article “The trouble with (white) feminism,” that white feminism manifests the issues of the Western white woman above all else, overpowering or downright excluding women of color and their own voice; this is done by the idea white feminism has that all women are oppressed equally in society, ignoring the complex relationship a woman of color—or even queer women or disabled women, any groups of women who do not fit the “aesthetic” of white feminism—has with

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