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William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is one of the most important stories that he has written and is possibly one of the best of all time.It has been told countless times from plays to tales; every time it is told it finds a way to captivate an audience's eyes and glue them to it. Two men, Franco Zeffirelli and Baz Luhrmann, both told the story of their eyes with two completely different outcomes. There are many similarities and differences between the movies and many become clear from the beginning scene. Each motion picture tells the story in its own unique way, entertaining its aqudience with its different qualities. Both the 1968 Zeffirelli and the 1996 Luhrmann film adaptations are similar to the main plot, characters, and theme; but…show more content…
The 1968 version takes place in Verona, Italy, where it was supposed to be filmed. However, the Luhrmann film takes place in Verona Beach, California. Each setting in the film is used the best it possibly can, using every advantage it has. Where on one hand it shows what the two lovers did actually go through with their own technology and knowledge. On the other it shows the story in our times to have the younger audience, maybe understand the film better and captivate them more. The other major difference in these two films is the time it has taken place in.The 1997 version was taken in their times in the late 1500’s to really have it like the real story. The 1997 version was set in 1997 with their technology to get to a more modern audience. Both of them are important in their own ways. The 1500s were obviously when Romeo and Juliet was actually taken place in and was when it was produced. The more modern time was important because it can show a new perspective on the story. A new way to look at a tragedy/love story and be able to relate more. Specific differences in the two movies have different scenes taken out. The 1968 version has no apothecary scene with Romeo instead it was never put in the movie.However, it was left in the final cut of the 1997 version of the movie. The clothing plays a part in this as well, as also do the looks of the characters. The characters in both of the movies look…show more content…
Both did a very good job of portraying the story through the eyes of Shakespeare and a more modern Shakespeare. The movies did not change any important aspects of the play but still made them feel completely different. The different aspects brought in many viewers and gave them a chance to understand the story better. The 1997 adaptation had my opinion on the better film, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear this. The 1997 version was intended for a more modern group of attendees, and we are the appropriate audience for the film. It may have gotten my opinion, but it wasn’t the most educational film. The 1997 film may have been entertaining, but it replaces literature education with entertainment. The 1968 film did enhance my literary experience more due to the more accurate characters and settings. The two films, both had their parts and their parts that intrigue others, but some things are for other audiences and certain scenes are for others. The outcomes of these two movies were beyond the bar of satisfaction and would be a proud thing to look at in Shakespeare’s

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