Critical Discourse Analysis Essay

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Critical discourse analysis is important for deconstructing ideologies. To Widdowson (2000), CDA is a device for uncovering implicit ideologies in texts. It unveils the underlying ideological prejudices and therefore the exercise of power in texts. Little wonder then, Ayoola (2008) opines that most linguistic investigations on power and ideology fall under the aegis of CDA. Further, Jimoh (2012) claims that in CDA, the notions of ideology, power, hierarchy, gender and so on, are considered relevant for text interpretation. It must be emphasized according to Rahimi and Sahragard (2007) that power relationships, ideologies and identities are created and naturalized by the manipulative styles of language. It is incumbent on the researcher(s) to be able to decrypt and comprehend the basic intentions of the authors and writers of texts. The researcher(s) must be equipped with some devices to detect manipulative and…show more content…
In an attempt to unmask the sources of dominance and inequality in society, van Dijk (1998) proposes discourse analysis, social analysis and cognitive analysis of texts. To van Dijk (1998), texts are not only sources of information about some reality; they are also sources of personal and organizational ideologies to produce and construct reality. From the foregoing, one can conclude that one of the principal aims of CDA, then, is to reveal the means of dominance/ hegemony and inequality that are present in society by critically examining texts whether written or spoken. In other words, CDA seeks to find out the discursive devices deployed to develop and maintain such dominance, inequality or bias in political, social and cultural contexts. van Dijk (1997:9) figuratively regards texts as “tip of the iceberg.” It therefore follows that the discourse/ text analyst has the responsibility of deconstructing the hidden meanings of

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