Gender Issues In Non-Western Culture

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Introduction There are a lot of several cultural issues in non-western culture. Amongst these issues, Gender variation is the most problematic issue in non-western culture. In that case, feminism plays the most vital role in the non-western culture. Feminism is kind of a movement that aimed at providing equal social and defending and establishing, economical and political right for women as well as the same opportunities for them. This movement claims some kind of critically evaluate feminist authority next to the present social structure or system of science. Nowadays, it is seen that Ninety per cent girls from non-western culture suffer from the problem of female genital circumcision (FGC). In this present system of feminism, FGC plays an…show more content…
But very fewer people knows the exact challenges of the girls from non-western cultural societies. Very few of the people think that it is quite important to learn more about the lives and the struggles of women which is very difficult for the non-western culture’s girls. The most challenging and troubling issue in non-western culture’s girl’s lives is feminism. The women from non-cultural society are mobilizing some theories to change their lives. Few of the non-western women achieved their goal against incredible odds. They even involving compromises that are hard for us to understand. In most of the non-western areas, women are on the flow towards feminism. Women take their place in the frontline in the case of struggling against the political and class oppression in guerilla movements and labor unions. In some of the developing non-western areas or nations, they are becoming the most important alternative of the educated elite. The opportunities are pretty high nowadays to build up a connection between western and non-western women than before. It is quite unpredictable that how it became possible now. What made it possible is the women’s willingness towards their goal. They didn’t even care about their lives when they are involving in liberation; there was no guarantee of…show more content…
To be traditional according to the social pressure towards FGC, the parents led their daughters to this unnecessary and highly dangerous practice. If the girl’s doesn’t get cut according to their tradition then the girl can face many serious social challenges. In another way, the girl that got cut according to their tradition could be seen ignored by her community and she will not be able to find out a husband for her. Generally, the girl simply gets ignored by the community life around her. This loneliness of a girl can cause mental disorder and this can lead to death. Even the parents are unable to ditch this tradition of FGC, if they do so, then the whole family can be shunned by the whole community and its activities. The whole community needs to raise their voice against this tradition of FGC to stop it. In this case, gunning’s methodology worked in few non-western areas to stop this unnecessary and forceful tradition which can lead to

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