The Importance Of Faith In Islam

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“Greetings, to all my friends. Today, I wish to shed some light on some important issues regarding your faith and my faith – the Islam Faith. You may have thought that I was your new Caliph, appointed by Allah to carry out jihad against anyone and everyone who stood in the way of the Caliphate. I hate to break the news to you, but I am not your Caliph, and, hopefully, your Caliphate will never occur.” “The Islam religion has become nothing more than a twisted mess of beliefs and misconceptions – gibberish which you have allowed to control your lives. The Qur’an advises you to ‘kill them wherever you find them . . . and fight them until there is no more Fitnah . . . worship is for Allah alone.’ This is stupid advice, for we know that as long as there are more than two people on this earth, there will be different opinions and disagreements on what is true. That is the way we were made. Man cannot be molded into a single entity, believing the same, thinking the same -- that would make the world a boring place to live.”…show more content…
Women play a different role in life than man, but the abused, subservient role does not meet the requirements of an equitable relationship between man and woman. Thousands of Muslim women have been decapitated and stoned to death in accordance with the medieval laws and traditions set forth by the laws of Islam – laws designed to suppress

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