Feminist Criticism Of International Human Rights

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The journal explains how both feminists and cultural relativists criticize the international human rights. The feminist claims that international human rights is protecting only the male and that the rights doesn’t pay attention to women’s rights. But according to cultural relativists, international human rights only condemn the issues universally, whereas they think that the source of human rights is the culture itself, but people doesn’t pay attention to it. The paper addresses the opposition between feminist and cultural relativist critiques regarding the women’s international human rights, but it also slightly explains the similarities between them. It also concludes the possibilities of solution or settlement in which two opponents can…show more content…
Feminist believes that human rights are only protecting men’s right and that the context of “human” in human rights are basically referred to men. While cultural relativist believes that the content of international human rights is the modern form of imperialism, which only referred to Western values, whereas applies to countries that seeking attention from all over the world. Niamh Reilly, the co-Director of Global Women’s Studies at the National University of Ireland, spoke up about the case on how feminist viewing international human rights, she said that “In traditional feminist political theory, the interest in cosmopolitanism is reflected in attempts to theorize global feminism and transnational advocacy, especially in relation to women’s rights as human right.” And also, human rights only preserve on white middle class women in which leads to gender equality. Simply said, the feminist are viewing human rights as a form of men’s right, while cultural relativist viewing human rights as a form of Western…show more content…
According to both opponents, human rights is the thing that lacks in many ways. The present human rights that exist right now could’ve been better and could be changed by both opponents, therefore they keep doing protests. Cultural relativist views human rights as something that is universal, it is something that already forgotten the existence of culture, and they also consider international human right as Western values. Feminist views human right as thing that only protects men, and the don’t count women in it. The paper also gives a several possibilities on how we could solve the problem. The key to fix it lies within both opponents itself. With greater and higher understanding on each other, also towards the human rights itself, could solve the problem. Arguments will be made along the way, but the result will eventually

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