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Imagine you leading the world. Making a difference. Changing how someone thinks, sees, and feels. Having your own opinion? This is what teen activists do. Teen activists stand up for what they believe in and change the world. Being a teen activist has struggles. It takes hard work, energy, time, and more. A teen activist is a person who speaks their opinion, finds a way to solve their issue they came up with, and have a way to help them out. Lots of teen activists speak out around the world. For one of many examples, one person is Malala. According to Malala “she got the nobel peace prize and she spoke out.After she was shot she had moved to europe. There she continued speaking out in the hospital. She did everything she could to get her opinion out. She was on many news channels too. ¨One example is Jon Stewart interviewing Malala on his show.¨ He asked malala about why she supports this.¨…show more content…
´ “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen, can change the world,” Malala Yousafzai said while giving a speech to the U.N. Youth Assembly.´stated by . every teen activist must look for a way to solve their problem, so i can only list some for instance, faye carey,emily riguel,malala,and alex libby. Faye carey helps give dogs second chances. For example on"He was in the pound for a few days and I felt so sorry for him." Faye said. She then had to do something so she posted him on a facebook page and she put him for sale. Only a couple days later faye had found him a lovely home. Another piece of evidence is Malala. She stood up for girls education even when she was shot. She was badly injured and was lucky she didn't die and she in that hospital, was still speaking out. This is showing how she is in so much pain in her life and she continues to speak out. The Taliban almost killed her(that was their goal). That's how teen activists look for a way to solve their

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