Gender Issues In Sweda

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Concerning the gender issue, Sweden relates to the pole of femininity and takes first place in the Hofsede’s division of cultures. There is appreciated the free time and the possibility of flexible working hours. On the workplace competitiveness and the desire to be better than the others do not find a broad social response or material rewards. In addition, in Sweden it is not common to show the status and financial position. The Swedes appreciate simplicity a lot and rather negative attitude to the status of things. Many people there are concerned about the environment. At the international dialogue in the absence of language understanding, it is coming to the fore facial expressions and gestures. The set of facial expressions, gestures and poses - this is a real, though wordless language. But, like any language, the nonverbal behavior differs in each nation. When it comes to Sweden, a model of behavior in society in Sweden and Western European countries have much in common. However, there are some aspects of behavior that are specific to that country. For example, during the greetings Swedes shake hands, and…show more content…
In the masculine system, the greatest significance has values such as perseverance, ambition, competitiveness. Societies as Japanese, in which the masculine values are dominant, are more traditional and subordinate well-established standards of morality, law, religion and where differentiation of society, including gender, is rigorously fixed. The feminine value system is characterized by high values of interpersonal relationships, concern for the people and the environment, solidarity and compromise, humility, understanding, and friendship. On the Swedish example, it can be seen more tolerant values and, as a rule, heir structure is not so rigid and more open to

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