Essay On Human Rights And Gender Issues

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Analysis on which part of world politics are human rights and gender issues arise Introduction Human rights have been largely defined as individual political rights. Rights pertaining to economic and social justice have been relegated to lesser considerations. Others have described human rights initiatives targeted at women’s equality as a form of instrumental feminism that supports women’s rights as a means to enhance the development of market economies (Bessis 2004, Oxford 2000). Women are the new component of the globalized work force moving across international borders. Gender inequalities in the form of obstacles that prevent their free movement by which they enter the low-paid workforce are inimical to the interests of transnational corporations that rely on cheap female labor. A state who concentrates well the enforcement of respecting human rights is a good state. During decades the existences of human rights cases keep happening. They do violence and disobey the human rights norms and laws since they would enforce the goals that they set to other people through coercive actions. Most the high percentage of human rights violations happened in developing countries. Developing countries are still lack of knowledge and they are even still bad at the law enforcement. The socialization…show more content…
Traditional patriarchal norms have relegated women to secondary status within the household and workplace. This drastically affects women’s health, financial status, education and political involvement. Women are commonly married young, especially in developing countries, quickly become mothers. Only 54% of Indian women are literate as compared to 76% of men . Women receive little schooling and suffer from unfair and biased inheritance and divorce laws. These laws prevent women from accumulating substantial financial assets, making it difficult for women to establish their own security and

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