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There once was a boy named Edward. Edward was seemingly normal, as any other child, with one exception. He was extremely lucky. Edward gets all of his luck from his amassment of lucky items which he carries with him in a blue satchel. Some items include a rabbit’s foot, an eight ball, a horseshoe, a penny, and much more. He lives in a quiet town called Garyville. Garyville is a place of tranquility and being casual. The town is plentiful with flowers and other things of nature. The bodies of water in the near vicinity of the town are as clear as glass. Many fantastic animals call Garyville their home. The town itself is a good community. Edward however, was rebellious. He did not like being one of good etiquette. He wanted to go venturing into the woods on the outskirts of the town. Edward’s elders always would babble about crazy monsters in the woods. Edwards figured that as…show more content…
The shadows projected from the beautiful trees were nearly twice in size of the actual things. He gazed upon the many intriguing insects and plants. Edward came upon a clearing in some brush. The misty grass glimmered in the sun’s glare. The birds were singing in excellent harmony. Distracted by the sights to see, he hadn’t even checked the time. It was noon, and he had to get back to his house really quick or else his mother may awake from her deep slumber from working overtime the previous night. When he turned toward the way he had came, he started thinking. I’m pretty lucky to be in these woods. Except one thing had gone wrong. Edward had forgotten which way he was supposed to go. It was fine, he thought to himself. As long as he had his lucky items which were in his satchel, he would be ok. Then suddenly, a large creature appeared in the distance. The creature was broad in the front, and seemed as if it had a thick coat of black fur. It looked rather menacing to Edward. This creature looked to have large eyes with large grey

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