Rwanda Genocide Research Paper

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The failure of the West to intervene, mainly the United States, impacted the intervention of the genocide as it slowed down the process of decision making. For instance, when Belgium decided to withdraw its troops from Rwanda the U.S. was in favour of the decision and urged for a total withdrawal of UNAMIR members. (SOURCE) The decision made by the U.S to support the motions of Belgium was largely due the consequences it had suffered in the battle for Mogadishu, in 1993. The aftermath of the civil war in Somalia, where the bodies of several US casualties were dragged through the streets Of Mogadishu, played an important role in the United States actions of intervention in African states as there was a fear of a repeat of the events in Somalia. Thus, the idea of getting involved in another African conflict was not ideal for the United Stets. Many foreign states, whom had witnessed the failed peacekeeping mission of the United Nations in Somalia, were also…show more content…
It was not until mid-May that the use of the word “genocide” was officially been accepted in the U.S. This shows, not only the lack of understanding in communications between nations but also the difficulty of the foreign administrations to understand the exact situation in Rwanda. The Secretary of State, Warren Christopher did not authorize officials to use the term "genocide" until May 21, and even then, U.S. officials waited another three weeks before using the term in public. Thus, further slowing down the response of the U.S. to the genocide in general. However, it could also be argued that the U.S. was aware of certain atrocities being committed, in regards to Dallaire’s fax, as they refused to jam extremist radio propaganda stating that costs and bureaucracy matters. Thus, not having the political will to engage in another African

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