Marx Private Property

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Karl Heinrich Marx was a German philosopher, economist, and socialist who addressed many political issues in the government during his lifetime. He was highly critical of the way the government was performing its duties, and often times butted heads with authority. His influence still reaches us today even though he was born in the year 1818. Marx extensively studied the Capitalist system and was not fond of it. For example, Marx thought that private property would cause conflict among people because only the person who owns the private property can enjoy and reap its benefits. This will create a disconnect between those people who own the private property, and those who don’t. This situation will force society to compete against each other for the resources we all need. The owner of the private property is now alienated from his peers.…show more content…
Marx claims that there are two classes, the Bourgeoisie (the ruling class) and the Proletariat (the working class). As long as society was capitalistic, the ruling class will always control the resources that the working class needs. The ruling class can do this because they own the most wealth and the have the most political power. The ruling class will always be at conflict with the working class because the working class is being exploited under this capitalistic system. Instead of capital, Marx believed that real wealth was the labor itself. Capitalism by design, will continue to exploit and oppress the working class while favoring the ruling class. Under Capitalism, the ruling class cannot pay the working class their true value and still make a profit. That is why the ruling class pays the working class less than their worth, and that is how they are

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