Pros And Cons Of Banning Guns

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Prayers and Consolations There have been many children that have lost their lives in school shootings in the United States. A parent sends their children off to school to get an education and never does occur in their minds that in the place they consider to be a safe zone, there children can lose their lives. In the recent years there have been many deaths due to guns. Many of those deaths are due to school shootings in which have left many families without their loved ones. From the Sandy Hook shooting, to the Pulse shooting in Orlando, to the Vegas shooting and to the most recent tragedy of school shooting in Florida. Kids and parents should not have to fear going to school or anywhere with the thought that their school might be the next…show more content…
Banning all guns would solve all the issues we been having with guns these past decade. It seems banning is the only solution to this problem, it sounds easy to do and the right thing to do, but if guns do get ban, it would only make the matter worst. The reason why banning guns would not work and only make the matter worst is because of the dark market. Citizens will always find a way to get a hold of them. For instances drugs, gambling, prostitution are some of the things that are prohibited and ban from the United States but somehow citizens always seem to get a hold of them. Banning guns will not be the correct way to solve this issue because anyone would be able to access guns, and they can fall into the wrong hands. At least if we do not ban guns we would be able to track guns and know who has possession of them. Banning guns would only profit the dark market because they would raise the prices on guns, and we would not be able to know who has access to them. I would regulate the guns that have been causing much more problems by making it harder for people to be able to access and only those who are qualified for them to be able to…show more content…
According to the state licensing laws there are four categories when purchasing and owning a gun: one must have a permit to purchase firearms, the second one must have the licenses to own firearms, the third category is the person purchasing a gun must have a firearm safety certificate which indicates that the person making the purchase of the gun has finished all the required safety training needed and is licensed to make the purchase. The fourth categories is registration law that impose licensing requirements (Lawcenter). There are million of people out there today in the United States who own guns even though they passed all the requirements needed they should not be allowed to own them. The reason why they should not be able to own them is because many have intentions of killing and not using the guns for all the right reasons. Throughout the United States anyone of the age of 18 can have access and even purchase a gun, but I would regulate by increasing the age limit to 21. The reason why I want the age limit to be 21 is because many of the past tragedies that have been causes by guns have been from shooters who are below the age of 21. I do not think a person is fully developed to own such a dangerous weapon like a gun. At 21 I feel like their mind is more developed and are more aware of what

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