An Early Start On College Analysis

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Most people think that they will end up at college, but once they get to decided to go or not some of them don't. They get side discouraged by the price, the amount of time and start to wonder if a college education is actually worth it. While some people get mislead by these factors, a college education is very much valuable to one's future. The value for college is being very well promoted to be very useful to one's future. In the article" An Early start on college" by StarTribune states "Participating in any of the state's dual credits programs can prepare more students for college work, save money and increase postsecondary graduation rates"(StarTribune 75), it's showing that state are trying to show high school students that college is…show more content…
Some people say that college is too expensive and out of control. College can be a bit expensive even college presidents are concerned on the cost but this is why many states have created programs to help students manage College expenses like the Educational Opportunity program, which through with academic programs or supportive service to college graduates who comes from low income backgrounds or educationally disadvantaged families. The College Assistance Migrant Program assists student who come from migratory or seasonal farmer parents , these funds support the students to complete at least first years of college and can go up to five years. The website “US Department of Education” states, “This program serves approximately 2,000….participants annually”(Us Department), so even if the price of college is too expensive to pay for yourself there are programs that help you pay for it or help fund your education. The states are even beginning to expand dual credit programs for high school students to get ahead of their education and they don’t pay for a thing. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010, the median weekly earnings for someone with some college but no degree were $712, compared to $1038 for a college graduate”, so ultimately the cost of college is paid back, if graduated with a college degree, by the earning of one’s job. In addition to this people argue that college is not for everyone, that some jobs are better to just jump in and get hands on experience right away.But, “College graduates are more likely to be in better with benefits ,further widened”(Rotherham,80). People that have degrees get more job options and have jobs with better benefits like higher salaries than jobs that don’t need the qualification of a college degree. “College graduates earn more, and are more likely to have a job…”(Rotherham 80), people with a college degree have more chance of

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