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Some people question the worth of college nowadays and they believe it isn’t necessary. However, to anyone who wants to succeed and have a job that they really enjoy and excel at, a college education is the way to go. College gives people an opportunity to chooses a smarter, wealthier, and a more secure future. College can be very expensive, but you pay money to prepare yourself to make more money later in life. You almost always put yourself in debt when in college, and some say that the debt will take a lifetime to pay off. However, a studied showed that workers with a bachelor’s degree earned about $415 more a week than workers whose highest level of education is a high school diploma(New School Year Old Story, 63). That is an enormous…show more content…
Your salary is one thing when competing with others in the working world, but an even tougher competition is earning the job at all. One article said, “The rate of unemployment for workers with a bachelor’s degree were about half that of those with no education beyond high school.” Earning a bachelor’s degree alone makes you more valuable to any employer and increases your chance of securing a career, and the unemployment rate only gets smaller and smaller with more prestigious degrees as…show more content…
One article said, “There are plenty of rewarding and important jobs and careers that do not require college.” (Rotherham 79) This statement is a very general statement that says there are “plenty” of jobs that are rewarding and important. How does one specify the numerical value of “plenty”? They supplied no evidence to support the idea of these jobs existing in actual statistical quantities. Another article said, “College is more than training for a career, and many might benefit from the social and non-purely academic aspects of advanced schooling, even if the rate of return on college as a financial investment is low.” (Vedder 78) Just as what was said before, when you pay to go to college, you pay for much more than just an education. Some people simply don’t see college as a smart choice. They might have the wrong idea about what college is about, even if they are currently enrolled in a college. In the article, “More than 40% of those attending four-year colleges full-time fail to graduate, even within 6 years.” (Vedder 78) This is a fact and is difficult to solve, however the same article stated, “As a general rule, I would say graduates in the top quarter of their class at a high-quality high school should go on to a four-year degree program.” (Vedder 79) It is the sad truth that college isn’t a walk in the park. It takes hard work and serious

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