Persuasive Essay On The Cost Of College

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When you are a kid in pre K, you are told that college is key if you want to be successful in life and as you grow up you start realizing the actually cost of college and how it is too expensive for your budget. There have been many people that did not go to college and are billionaires now. There is many jobs out in the world for people who didn't get a full 4 year education. Going to a 4 year college doesn't make or break you if you are willing to work hard for what you get. College is a commitment for the rest of your life, paying for tuition and the time it takes out of your life after high school. The cost of college is way too high priced to go for 4 years. You will be able to get higher in the ranks of jobs after college to make more money. The average college graduate paying annual tuition of about $20,000 can recoup the costs of…show more content…
You won’t be able to get as high paid of a job working straight out of high school. In 2011, the latest data available in our sample, college graduates earned on average about $20,050 (61%) more per year than high school graduates (Roth). You won’t make as much money as if you go straight out of highschool but you can get more experience in the job you are working. Given the pace of technological and social change, it no longer makes sense to devote four years of higher education entirely to specific skills (Daly and Bengali). You learn skills for jobs in high school and secondary education is advancing to where you don’t need 4 years of college to be good at your job. The average college graduate earns over $800,000 more than the average high school graduate by retirement age (Daly and Bengali). The highschool graduate has to work really hard to make as much money as the college graduate, but the high school graduate may have more experience in the job. You will get more or experience in your job if you go straight out of high school and the job will be

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