The Importance Of College Education

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A child typically will not think about their life ahead. Although, they may not think about college, it is still there. Life ahead means acquiring a job to earn money for everything else and if one wants a well paying job in the future, college is the best option. College education is worth the cost because it forms a happier and heavier educated person, college is not as expensive as one may think, and the college pays for itself once there is a job to pay for it. A college education has higher benefits in the long run for further advanced and higher paying jobs. People think no matter what the education gives them it is not worth the cost. However, a large amount of graduates of college stated it treated them well, taught them more and college was worth their time (Pew Social and Demographic Trends). Obtaining education can be challenging, but it is worth all the labored work with the reward…show more content…
It is easy to think college is not worth the cost to improve, but being educated molds a greater person, and creates happier people in the future and occasionally they become healthier (Leonhardt 25 ). Becoming a happier person is pleasing for everyone. Even former President Obama says “‘Education helps us be better people. It helps us be better citizens. You came to college to learn about the world and to engage with new ideas and to discover the things you're passionate about -- and maybe have a little fun’” ( Learning and engaging in everything is a skill everyone should have, so as he suggested, one should attend college to be able to have an education. Additionally, education helps people develop intellectual skill and become responsible (Pew Social and Demographic Trends). Thus said, being educated and smart is something everyone can do and college helps with that. Likewise, college can encourage someone to become educated and happier. Reaching the point of happier and educated is worth the
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