The Khoikhoi: The Hottentots

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The Khoikhoi, today known as the Hottentots had lived in Southern Africa since the 5th century. They were given the name Hottentots by the early white settlers, because they found the word/name Khoikhoi difficult to pronounce. Also in addition that the European immigrants labelled the Hottentots, in imitation of the sound of the Khoekhoe language, but this term is today considered offensive by some. The Khoikhoi is also clearly related to the San (Bushmen). To separate themselves from the San who did not own livestock, they called themselves the Khoi. There is also a clear separation between the Khoi and the San (Bushmen). The Khoi is being referred to as nomadic herders, while the San is seen as the hunters. The term Khoisan can relate to…show more content…
The term language refers to ways to communicate. It can be verbally, non-verbal or sign language. As long as you manage to get the message across. Some of the oldest forms of communication include talking, making sounds, drawing or painting and using symbols (sign language). In order for histories to get an understanding about the undocumented times, they have to rely on oral, written, pictures and languages/linguistic evidence. By identifying the relationships that exist between the various languages allows us to make inferences about ancestral speaking communities and may even develop an understanding about the different communities, whether or not they had terminology, pastoral and agriculture practices…show more content…
Various things were found in these caves to give us an understanding of about the history of the Khoisan. For example they left a number of things behind, like what they used to eat, things that they use to cover themselves with etc. After seeing and reading about the life of the khoikhoi and San (bushmen) before colonialism it shows that these people had a life of their own. The arrival of the Dutch can be seen as a good and bad thing. The arrival of the Dutch in my opinion helps South Africa to evolved mush faster. It can also be seen as a bad thing because of the fact that they had a seniority feeling over the Khoi (black people) still has an impact today. After the many generation that have passed I belief that nobody will ever fully understand the history of these people. To tell stories is not the same as living through it.

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