Memory Vs Long Term Memory

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Learning is an important thing to do in our lives there are many things that help us and distract us from learning. Certain things are done to help us retain information. In the biology of learning article they discuss most of these things. The two main parts of our memory is Short- term memory and Long– term memory. When information goes into our short term memory it only stays in there for a small amount of time. Our long term memory keeps the information for a long time and lets us recall this information later in our lives. Things that would be stored in our long term memory would be tasks that ewe do every day such as brushing our teeth or counting. The way you learn the information is also important some are visual learner while others are auditory learners, you can also be a tactile learner which means you learn with hands on experience better. Visual learners usually lean better when they are presented with a graph or drawing. These types of people learn by relating a picture to a piece of information. I am a visual learner so I can picture things in my head better than listening to someone’s lecture. The people who are auditory learners can on the other hand listen to someone…show more content…
While you multitask you are having your attention split across various things or it is jumping from one thing to another. This is very bad for studying because you have to be focused and need to be able to repeat things over and over a again such as rewriting notes. If you cannot focus on one thing for a long time you will not be able to put information your long term memory. Technology such as phones and computers are making us more distracted and more likely to multitask. Every time we do a bunch of small thing it makes us feel as if we accomplished something great however that is not the case it is in fact the opposite we have not accomplished anything worth of praise and has made us forget things and push other tasks to the
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