Characteristics Of Motherhood

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A mother is a precious being, mothers are very strong they carry their children for almost a year, and that comes with a lot of sacrifices to their nutrition, because a fetus grows out of taking everything from the mother carrying such as minerals like calcium and they feed from and umbilical cord which provides the food the mother had, beside it is a very painful period physically and mentally. Also the mothers isn’t necessarily the one who carries the child, a mother does not necessarily mean the one who gave birth, a mother is the one who practises motherhood such as taking care of the child for example an aunt even the father, it depends of who cares for the child, so motherhood means care. There are types of mothers in literature a mother…show more content…
In roll of thunder hear my cry Cassie Logan the child protagonist has her mother ‘Mary’ as a role model, Mary did so many admirable things to make her a hero in her daughters eyes and the readers in general, as a school teacher, she took the opportunity to let her students know what was really going on in the real world, outside of the false writings in the textbooks because in textbooks at the time the truth was hidden. Mary is a brave person with a strong personality, even though coloured people at the time ‘ during the Mississippi of 1930’ were mistreated and considered lesser humans , African Americans had no rights and were terrorized by the whites, At the time African American student were considered less than the white students, because of their race, at school the African American children had to have books that were in a bad condition just because they were black, and in each book there is a chart that indicates the quality of the book and which race is allowed to use the book that is in a good condition and the ones that are in a bad condition, the chart is made so the board of education wont mistakes who takes the…show more content…
Mary by then was seen as a political organizer. Cassie’s grandmother ‘big ma’ plays a big role in her development by telling her motivating stories about the past, for example when she told Cassie about her grandfather, and how he found a way out of slavery, by working hard on raising money and eventually bought a land, so a slave does not necessarily mean stay like that forever. That made Cassie positive about her future; she figured that things might change. Both these novels were written by women, therefore they reflects the real image of being a mother, the good side the nurturing type, they know what is it like to be a

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