Importance Of 3-D Animation

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The systems of Multimedia Learning, E-Learning, Computer Assisted Learning, and Computer Based Training are further enhanced by 3-D Animation clips. Effective communication in teaching and learning process is achievable through 3-D Animation in the educational environments. Each adult learner has different needs and expectations, they differ in age, have a different emotional, attitude, personality, stress and intelligence level. They require different types of learning strategies, learning system and learning material. Teaching through 3-D Animation clips is one of the effective way to improve the low Intelligent Quotient-IQ level adult learners. Even though several Information and Communication Technology research works are completed every…show more content…
These attributes are also very important to capture the attention, perception and other sensory processes. Presence of 3-D Animation not only simplifies the communication process between the learner and teacher but also improves the exam performance among the low intelligent quotient level students. A 3-D animated material not only helps the learners to perform well but also helps the trainers for their easy and flexible teaching the difficult concepts. Due to the presence of rich 3-D animated content exam performance among the visual communication students goes up even though they have more stress in learning. Majority of the trainers have awareness about the 3-D Animation application in teaching but the software tools and facilities are very low in B level colleges in Indian…show more content…
Multimedia learning systems design aspects like principles of design, principles of visual communication, principles of user interface design, principles of web design, content and audio facilities are studied carefully. Multimedia Learning Systems’ each and every attributes plays a vital role in effective educational communication. Effective user interface design, relevant curriculum, effective content, motivational factors are very important for students to continue their lifelong learning process. Hence Multimedia Learning System should be designed with the recommendations such as individual differences such as personality types, emotional quotients, intelligent level, stress levels and attitude levels of the learner. More 3-D Animation with sound should be placed in the Multimedia Learning System to develop the interest. Multimedia Learning Systems’ user interface design elements, multimedia elements such as sound, animation, video, drawing and the learning content have impacts on learning An educated learner may be learning from course material explaining a given content or exercises practically for their job requirements. Learning material with more explanations, attractive visuals, narration, sound, 2-dimensional (2-D) and 3-dimensional (3-D) animations, computer graphics, pictures, graphs,

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