First Generation College Student Analysis

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Being a first generation college student is both a burden and blessing. I deal with difficulties many students don’t understand: financially, socially, academically and personally. However, I’m also given opportunities to shape my future in ways I truly want, and need with few predetermined paths or expectations. My first semester was extremely difficult. I started college with guilt after abandoning my family and seeing broken friendships from jealousy, hatred, and resentment. I barely had enough money for books, let alone anything extra. I was afraid everyone would somehow find out I was broke, scared and lost. I thought about leaving numerous times because I felt I wasn’t good enough to study at a university. Eventually I realized I would never belong if I couldn’t be comfortable with who I am and…show more content…
As a first generation college student I feel there are strong expectations for me to do well because I am first in my family to take this new path. I’ve become independent and feel most of my academic success depends on me alone. First-generation students are at a unique disadvantage in areas such as the cost of higher education, the application process, financial and emotional support from family members, high school preparation for collegiate academics, and education aspirations. From personal experience and observation I have noticed both first-generation college students and lower income students complete fewer credit hours per semester, work more, are less involved in co- curricular activities, live off campus, and have fewer peer interactions outside of class than those that are from families with a history of college and higher income. I am a white, female, first-generation college student who attends college with a pell grant and loans. I recognize that my education and experiences have placed me in a unique and isolating position within my family due to differences between my level of education and professional experiences and those of my

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