The Banking Concept Of Education Essay

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The Banking Concept of Education” is about the views of the education system, and the responsibilities within in it. Which Banking concept is to reflect the life knowledge that the teacher provides to the students. Freire describes how the teacher and the student relationship is the main idea when overcoming oppression. Freire have faith in teachers and students who need to always work together to improve the knowledge and awareness that is needed to overcoming oppression. There are several methods which can be used to overcome these problems that are related to the teaching of education. These methods are: the banking method and the problem-posing education method. Therefore, Freire clarifies the widely held of the education system as a "banking" education; he describes to be an incorrect method.…show more content…
Teachers thinks students are passive, impose their thoughts; decide what will be learned, and to force feed information to the students. The world is understood as static which students are inspired to fit in to the world as it is. Banking encourages students to agree to take the world as it is, separates the student and the student's awareness or consciousness from the world, and gives to oppression. But the teachers still think themselves intelligent according to the students who considered not knowing anything. However, Teachers show themselves to their student as their needed opposite, by seeing their ignorance absolute. Banking concept is the understanding that teacher offers the student; sometimes these knowledge or information can be wrong. Therefore, the student’s mental ability is like a deposit case whatever the teacher deposit material in the students; a student has to fit to the worlds as it

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