Steroids Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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Image is everything. Social media promotes the perfect hair, body, and skin. Because of this, people ranging from ages thirteen to thirty are pressured to look and maintain themselves a certain way. Narrowing this group of people down to athletes, many often turn to drugs. Sports-Enhancement drugs, otherwise known as steroids, fall into three main groups: Androstenedione, Creatine, and Anabolic (Nationwide Children’s 1). All of these steroids have something in common; their main purpose is to mimic testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a male hormone that is released that plays a role in the development of muscle, bone mass, and growth of body hair. As athletes turn to steroids for increased performance, this can cause multiple issues. Sports-Enhancement drugs should not be accepted in sports because of the various health risks, the pressure to be an elite athlete, and it goes against morals and honesty. In the world of medicine, drugs have always been used for the bettering of society. Many people, specifically coaches and athletic associations,…show more content…
Although, Steroids should not be accepted in sports because of the major health risks, the stress society already puts on athletes and the dangers, and the dishonesty and cheating that runs along the lines of going against natural morals. Steroids not only effects the players, but also effects the fans, the players parents, teammates, family members, and coaches. It does more harm than good. American society is built on equality, and steroids takes away from that in America’s beloved sports community. Using drugs to enhance the performance is like cheating on a test, or lying about something important, its dishonest. Using steroids is like using any other type of drug, addiction can form and bad things can happen to one’s body. It does more bad than good and it should not be accepted in today’s sports

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