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There are many methods that may be used to support for one’s argument when writing a rhetorical analysis. There is a special method in rhetorical analysis that is Toulmin Method of analysis. British philosopher Stephen Toulmin is the father of Toulmin Method of analysis, one of the modern day leader of rhetorical theory, and his work provided a good structural model useful for the analysis and criticism of rhetorical arguments. An argument written in this model reveal both the strengths and limits of the argument. The point here is not to “win” or “beat” all the counter-argument; the point is to come as close to the truth or as close to a realistic and realizable solution as we possibly can. “The Threat to Free Speech at Universities”, Greg…show more content…
The important first step in developing a good rhetoric analysis is “claim”, another name for the claim would be the thesis, that is defined as the speaker’s or writer’s main idea or thesis (Seyler). In the case of the article “The Threat to free speech at Universities”, the article analyzes of speech codes at universities across the country. The article’s claim that speech code limits free speech at college campus. In the beginning of the article gives usual arguments such as abolish self-opinionated and politically incorrect speech, and this argument support to enforce speech codes at universities campus. The author gave difference between democratically protected free speech and the objective speech codes was the concept of “hostile work environment” harassment that is claim implied in word choice. Following indirection, the author approached the problem by using a metaphor to connect the speech codes.…show more content…
For Toulmin method of rhetorical analysis, there are evidence before giving claims that will support the claims to give solution. because the Supreme Court is a power court and trust for everybody. Moreover, the author gave fact case of Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education. The author used prior legal of the Supreme Court to prefare for his claim restated in final paragraph. Additionally, the author carefully analysed defining “harassment” in educational by the court. For the Supreme Court, harassment is defined as discrimination behavior, directed at an individual, that is “so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive” that “victim – student are effectively denied equal access to an institutions’s resources and oppotunities” (the Supreme Court). This 7 paragraph is like bridge the gap between the authors’s warrant and the audience’s opinion. Moreover, the eight paragraph gave the author’s claim of free speech and real

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