Advantages Of Dynamic Synergy Analysis In International Business

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Dynamic synergy analysis in international business:the concept and application to two players China and Russia. Prof DrM s s el namaki, Dean, Victoria University, School of Management, Switzerland. Dean (Retired) Maastricht School of Management, MSM, And The Netherlands.,Rijksstraatweg 729b, 2245cc Wassenaar, Netherlands. (Global Tel. +971505087490). The problem There are two ways to conduct economic, and possibly political, business between countries. The first is conventional search for country present day competitive advantage (Porter, 1990). Yet competitive advantage is transient, not sustainable (Forbes, 2.6.2013). And competitive advantage could relate to yesterday’s industries not…show more content…
Synergy could also be viewed as the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. Future driving forces could be capital related, technology related or productivity related. Capital could become a driving force of economic growth if there are capital assets enough to drive the process and capital markets mature enough to create a dynamic force. Capital market maturity here is measures in terms of instruments, institutions, players, policies and flows. Technology could become a driving force if parameters of technological innovation measure up to global innovation standards. Those standards could relate to the volume of patents, patent product and process conversion, patent process conversion and. Productivity is a depended function depending on several inputs including capitaland…show more content…
Recent political skirmishes and shifts in oil market conditions will undoubtedly have an impact but there are strong indications that those would not undermine the key role of energy in the Russian economy. Geopolitical demand for energy, including LNG, from neighbors along the eastern border will, very likely, boost the country’s LNG potential as a niche energy producer for Asian countries. Gazprom long term commitment to supply, as from 2018, up to 38 billion cubic meter of gas to China is a typical example of that. Work currently underway on several Chino-Russian pipelines as well as the joint operation of refineries is yet another example. Acquisitions by Russian domestic energy giants in South and East will enhance this energy advantage even further.( WEF Jan 2013). And its movement downstream thus producing chemicals and refined products will add an advantage within this Far East

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