The Characters In Lonnie's Of Mice And Men

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In the book Of Mice and Men, Lennie small is described as a person with a disability, although we do not know what exactly the disability is, we know that he has trouble communicating, completing basic tasks, and not knowing his own strength. George is Lennie’s caregiver and Lennie really cares about George but sometimes George isn't the nicest to Lennie. Lennie gets in quite some trouble throughout the book. One example is that when the book first starts in chapter one it describes an incident between Lennie and this girl, he simply wanted to pet her dress but she took it the wrong way, and she reported Lennie. Lennie Small is a big guy who is bullied, who is disabled and who is lonely. This is why you should feel sorry for him. Lennie is the type of person who doesn’t really understand his own strength. For him, he just sees it as he’s loving. Lennie runs off to go to something and he ends up catching a mouse.…show more content…
Mostly because George didn't want lennie to get into trouble. Lennie felt so sad because he didn't like being at home by himself (63). Since Lennie has a disability he has trouble communicating, and he is bullied a lot because of it. Lennie is lonely for many reasons but one is that he doesn't really have any friends besides George. In the book, it seems as if George doesn't really like having Lennie around because it makes it harder on George and Lennie really doesn't understand the stuff that he does isn't good and that it could get him into a lot of trouble and that's why they have it keep running which makes george like Lennie less. Which is a big reason why Lennie is very lonely because the person that he can talk to doesn't really want him around. He has a mouse in his pocket because he felt lonely, he finds a dead mouse and pets it but George makes lennie get rid it

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