Persuasive Speech On Smoking

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Now, there is a condition, you will have to commit to a new lifestyle, (stop having sex before marriage, deceiving others, breaking laws, and keeping bad habits) and cut relationships off with people who are determined to have nothing in life, because they refuse to listen to the truth when it comes. Now, some things you can’t just stop all in one day. But I’m not telling you to do that. What I am saying is you must cut back on the things you know are not Godlike with the desire to eventually stop doing those things forever. God will see that and respect that. Our grandmothers’ doors are always open for us. I had to come back home to find out the truth and you may have to too. I’m here for you, and we love you with God’s love, not that worldly…show more content…
I’m sitting at my grandfather’s table, and my grandmother and I were talking, and she says to me, “I never smoked anything as long as I have been living”. Now, she did not say anything deep, but the timing was right, because I had already made up in my mind back in 1998 to quit smoking once and for all, but I was struggling to stop. So, when she said she never smoked a day in her life, a light came on, I said, “I don’t have to be a victim anymore”. And the Lord is my witness, I never to this day smoked anything since and don’t plan to either. It makes you feel good when you got control over something, and it can’t control you anymore. But, now that I think about it, it wasn’t even a day I spent with my Grandmother. I was over there on my lunch break when I working at the Pep Boys, over there behind Bolton Hill. In a thirty minute lunch break, I took hold of that spiritual power tool called self-control, and used it to take control over an addiction, an addiction that had me bound since 1993. Yet, in thirty minutes, God, through my grandmother, set me free. Glory be to God Forever! Darrell and Johnny go get your spiritual power tools, because you are going to need them in order to enjoy life and live long. Go get those tools

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