Father Gregory Character Analysis

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I fully believe that Frances temple the author of the Ramsay scallop agrees with father Gregory’s views on atonement by works of atonement heals the spirit. Father Gregory is the priest of a small town and the protagonist of the book. The Ramsay scallop is a book about Thomas and Elenor who are sent on a 90 day pilgrimage to atone for the sins of their town. Father Gregory is catholic and believes that you can atone for the sins of others by going on a pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain. I believe this is true for many reasons especially by how father Gregory’s character is portrayed in the book, and by how much the catholic views are referenced, and finally by how well developed of a character he is and how much he is mentioned. I believe this…show more content…
The only way to a clean spirit is through God, You can only atone for your sins not others. Jesus has already atoned for the sins of the world y dying on the cross. The only way to a clean heart is through God. The bible clearly states many times that if you repent to God he will always forgive you. It does not say you can do one good thing and voila your spirit is cleansed. You might feel better but until you repent the Holy Spirit inside you will still not be satisfied. You also cannot atone for other people’s sins because only that person can heal their sprit it has to be their will not yours. The only person who can atone for their sins is their self. It won’t do them any good for you to fix their mistakes for them, you might feel better but they will not. They have to want atonement themselves for it to do them any good. If they want it enough they will do it themselves. For example in the book the town’s army has just come back from war when Father Gregory sends Thomas and Elenor on their pilgrimage. Thomas who was the leader of the army and his men are deeply troubled by what they did while they were gone for eight years. Thomas is the only one back from the army whose spirit you can see really start to heal from all the sinful stuff he did because on this pilgrimage he has to make big sacrifices and takes it upon himself to help others and that is starting

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