Female Teacher Characteristics

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This research is about the characteristics of female teachers’ language in classroom instruction at the university level. I am interested in this topic because I myself aware as a female teacher candidate I should have a good communication skill to interact with the students. As we know, almost the activity in class is done in interaction with students and the quality of this interaction is assumed to have a significant impact on learning (Ellis, as cited in Richards & Lockhart, 1994). Also, the way teachers use language might affect students’ responses (Goh & Silver, 2004). Thus, by doing this research, I hope I can get a better understanding of the effective and appropriate ways of using language to interact with the students in my real class…show more content…
Nonetheless, in this study, I will focus on exploring the way of speaking that belongs to women. It is because I am a teacher candidate, so I decide to do this investigation in the educational context. That is why I choose the female teachers as the main participants in this research. Actually, the selection of female teachers as the main concern in this study is based on some findings of the previous studies. There is a psychological research about Female and Male Stereotypic Traits. In the list below, there are female and male traits outlined (De Lisi & Soundranayagam; Williams & Bennett; as cited in Schneider 2005, p.438).” (see Table 1.1 below). Table 1.1 Female and Male Stereotypic Traits (Schneider,…show more content…
When all of this elements are expressed appropriately by a teacher, the students will easily understand about what the teacher explain to them. They can also use the teacher ways of speaking as a good model for them. Then, considering that we are Indonesian, and our first language that actually used in our daily life is Indonesia language or our local vernacular; thus, it is hardly possible that most of us can communicate in English fluently. Very often, we are facing problems in communication; for example, when we want to say something in English but we do not know how to say it. Here, we could solve the problems by using what so called as communication strategies

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